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Biblically correct porn


Proving once again that there is a high demand for Biblically correct pornography, National Organization for Marriage douche-nozzle spokesperson, Carrie Prejean has apparently put out a DVD of Biblically correct, and very satisfying solo sexual positions. Single Christian moms the world over thank her for taking the time to instruct them in the Biblically correct approach to self-pleasuring.

Source: Carrie Prejean ‘sex tape’ spurred pageant settlement


It’s all about the children!


In an effort to save the children for future exploitation, one Catholic Priest has taken to extreme measures. Basically it’s a “save ’em to love ’em” kind of a gig he’s got goin on! One wonders though if perhaps this dude’s not being just a little bit too obvious!

York’s Planned Parenthood protests a protestor

How very Jeffersonian of him


Sometimes the most amazing little tidbits come flying out of some folks mouths. Lord of the Rings actor, Sir Ian McKellen, has given an interview with the good folks over at Details magazine and well, seems he let stiletto or two come flying out when he opened his mouth. I’m sure this will be upsetting to some of the limp-wristed folks who trade in gay paranoia, but we here at Five by Five have a rather soft spot in our hearts for this little bit of Jeffersonian lunacy.

Q&A With Ian McKellen

Cursed Candy


Pat Robertson, of Liberian Diamond Mine ownership fame (oh and a “christian” network to boot) has a knack for seeing things that other people (you know, normal people like you and me) just can’t see. Kinda like when his god swooped in for a little insider information to let him know that teh gays caused [INSERT favorite catastrophe here]. Since he’s getting long-in-the-tooth, he’s apparently hired another seer to put forth his screed and by gum, this one has plum seen the light on all things sweet (which apparently they aren’t). This is some scary sh*t man! Bring on the candy corn!

The Danger of Celebrating Halloween!