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Cursed Candy


Pat Robertson, of Liberian Diamond Mine ownership fame (oh and a “christian” network to boot) has a knack for seeing things that other people (you know, normal people like you and me) just can’t see. Kinda like when his god swooped in for a little insider information to let him know that teh gays caused [INSERT favorite catastrophe here]. Since he’s getting long-in-the-tooth, he’s apparently hired another seer to put forth his screed and by gum, this one has plum seen the light on all things sweet (which apparently they aren’t). This is some scary sh*t man! Bring on the candy corn!

The Danger of Celebrating Halloween!


For those about to Phish

Ever since news reached us of a Phish: Festival 8 – The Halloween Set out in the desert village of Indio, California, we’ve been just a wee bit worried about those 40,000 or so folks listening to days on end of Phish. Apparently our good friends over at the LA Times were a wee bit on the worried side as well and have provided a survival guide for all the boys and girls intending to celebrate Halloween by gettin their Phish on! Groovy!

A survival guide to Phish’s Festival 8

Freak out foods!

If you are lookin for some freaky food for Halloween, look no further!! Your kids will think you are the coolest thing since sliced cheese if you serve this! And, they might even be convinced to eat your meatloaf! BONUS!!

meat hand

Meat Hand