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Flippin Out in Hotlanta

burger atlanta

One of our favorite boob-toob shows is BRAVO’s Top Chef and one of our favorite contestants was Chef Richard Blais. According to the recently filmed reunion show, Chef Blais has two new babies in his life. One real-life flesh-n-blood one and the other called flip burger boutique. flip burger boutique has been profiled in Atlanta’s Finest Dining rag as one of the best burgers in Hotlanta! We couldn’t agree more!

flip burger boutique


Best at bat?

The Phillies and the Yankees have been battling it out to see who is the bestest bunch of guys to whack (or just swing wildly at) a little white leather type of sphere onto a vast green lawn where men in real tight pants fall over each other chasing after it. Ok, that’s not totally what the World Series is about this year, but close enough. But listen, since you’re in NYC today for what could be the decisive Game 6, and since we know you gotta eat while you’re in town, head over to The Prime Burger, named one of the 10 Best Burgers in NYC by Gayot (guy-OH).

The Prime Burger

Today’s burgers brought to you by…


…our good friends over at epicurious! Listen, we really don’t know where you’re gonna be for lunch today, but we do know that you want a damn good burger! Check out the 12 best burgers in America and then hurry and tell us which one ya had!

The best burgers in America