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The Yanks are comin! The Yanks are comin!


Congrats to the New York Yankees on their 27th World Series Championship!

Yankees’ World Series Win Will Serve as Motivation for Red Sox


Biblically correct porn


Proving once again that there is a high demand for Biblically correct pornography, National Organization for Marriage douche-nozzle spokesperson, Carrie Prejean has apparently put out a DVD of Biblically correct, and very satisfying solo sexual positions. Single Christian moms the world over thank her for taking the time to instruct them in the Biblically correct approach to self-pleasuring.

Source: Carrie Prejean ‘sex tape’ spurred pageant settlement

Not THAT Martha Washington


Our good friends over at have gotten us all hot and bothered in their review of Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons new tome The Life And Times Of Martha Washington In The Twenty-First Century. We suspect you’re as excited as we are for a lazy afternoon to curl up with this bit o writing!

Life and Times of Martha Washington: the whole Frank Miller GIVE ME LIBERTY saga

iPhone’s kick ass!

naked iphone

Well strip me naked and start dialing. Who knew that we iPhone users liked so much porn. Ok, if you promise not to tell too many people, we’ll let it slip…we like porn and we’re especially stoked when we get that porn on our iPhone. But you didn’t hear it from us!

Study Paints iPhone Users As Porn-Watching Egomaniacs

Flippin Out in Hotlanta

burger atlanta

One of our favorite boob-toob shows is BRAVO’s Top Chef and one of our favorite contestants was Chef Richard Blais. According to the recently filmed reunion show, Chef Blais has two new babies in his life. One real-life flesh-n-blood one and the other called flip burger boutique. flip burger boutique has been profiled in Atlanta’s Finest Dining rag as one of the best burgers in Hotlanta! We couldn’t agree more!

flip burger boutique

It’s all about the children!


In an effort to save the children for future exploitation, one Catholic Priest has taken to extreme measures. Basically it’s a “save ’em to love ’em” kind of a gig he’s got goin on! One wonders though if perhaps this dude’s not being just a little bit too obvious!

York’s Planned Parenthood protests a protestor

How very Jeffersonian of him


Sometimes the most amazing little tidbits come flying out of some folks mouths. Lord of the Rings actor, Sir Ian McKellen, has given an interview with the good folks over at Details magazine and well, seems he let stiletto or two come flying out when he opened his mouth. I’m sure this will be upsetting to some of the limp-wristed folks who trade in gay paranoia, but we here at Five by Five have a rather soft spot in our hearts for this little bit of Jeffersonian lunacy.

Q&A With Ian McKellen