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Cursed Candy


Pat Robertson, of Liberian Diamond Mine ownership fame (oh and a “christian” network to boot) has a knack for seeing things that other people (you know, normal people like you and me) just can’t see. Kinda like when his god swooped in for a little insider information to let him know that teh gays caused [INSERT favorite catastrophe here]. Since he’s getting long-in-the-tooth, he’s apparently hired another seer to put forth his screed and by gum, this one has plum seen the light on all things sweet (which apparently they aren’t). This is some scary sh*t man! Bring on the candy corn!

The Danger of Celebrating Halloween!


PETA loves Al’s burgers


If you’re like us, you’ve already foraged through the secretary’s drawers looking for bagels or hell, crumbs for that matter. Why does lunch come so late in the day? Huh? We don’t have the answer to that pressing question. But, if you’re in Jackson, Mississippi today, Cool Al has got your shit covered. Hell, even PETA’s given this guy an award and, well, in our book, that’s all the recommendation we need! Look out Cool Al, we headin your way!

Cool Al’s – Jackson, MS

For those about to Phish

Ever since news reached us of a Phish: Festival 8 – The Halloween Set out in the desert village of Indio, California, we’ve been just a wee bit worried about those 40,000 or so folks listening to days on end of Phish. Apparently our good friends over at the LA Times were a wee bit on the worried side as well and have provided a survival guide for all the boys and girls intending to celebrate Halloween by gettin their Phish on! Groovy!

A survival guide to Phish’s Festival 8

That’s showbiz for ya!


According to the good folks over at People (via, Marky Mark Mark Wahlberg is expecting a baby. Yes, we were a little shocked too. But that’s showbiz for ya…always a little shocking and totally out of the norm. We wish the Calvin Klein model who we secretly lusted after in our heart of hearts, the best of luck pushing out the new little one. We also pray to the gods/goddesses that Mr. Wahlberg won’t be left with stretchmarks! Those things suck!

Mark Wahlberg expecting a girl

Leaves wet mark when done!

I’m going for a smoke now. Anyone else joining me?

SC Republicans like it dirty!


What’s up with married Republican’s from South Carolina? Either they aren’t walking the Appalachian Trail or they aren’t really parked in a cemetery with an 18 year old stripper (with a little Viagra thrown in…”just in case.”).

S.C. state attorney fired after stripper incident

Better than my iPhone?

The commercials are killer and [almost] make me want to ditch my iPhone. Thank the gods/goddesses for CNET. Check out what they’re saying about the new Motorola DROID.

Motorola Droid (Verizon Wireless)